Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 all in

hmmm...a little about me, as you can see i don't capitalize very much. ha! and yeh, that's me below as taken by a fellow photog. i shoot nikon, d3s, and have been for the past 4yrs. i love creating interesting pictures and capturing weddings. i cut my teeth in nightlife event photography and have since enjoyed a steady stream of wedding gigs and the occasional fashion shoot, to include a trip to nyc fashion week back in 2011.

i wanted to start this blog to get in touch with those of the art community and those who just appreciate photography and the work ethic that makes it such a inspiring yet difficult under taking. i am into various mediums of art but it just so happens (i have been told) that i excel in photography and as of lately, well, films. 

i hope that you enjoy the many posts that i plan to contribute to the blogosphere because trust me...they will either entertain or hopefully, captivate and maybe even inspire you.




  1. thank you Mrs. Diva!! :D

    i know right Nikki?!? thank you for your support!

  2. Hey now! I know that guy!! He really knows how to capture the moment! Thnx for always showing up and kicking azz!