Friday, January 20, 2012

bookstore swag...

have you ever just been out and in a creative mood? i usually carry my camera with me everywhere.

unfortunately i walk around with a beast of a camera. and it has its good and bad points. the good far outweigh the bad but i will tell you...sometimes people get apprehensive if you ask to take their picture with a huge pro level looking camera. *nikon d3s shooter*

ehh, i like to catch every day drama images when i am out and about. i usually hit the barnes and noble on the weekend, flip through bridal, fashion and photography magazines for inspiration and the newest camera news. everyone once and a while i spot someone that i think i could make look cool in a picture. it's not easy though, trust me. not to say anything bad about the subject but the craft of photography isn't easy.

that's how this pic came about. dude was cool, i asked to take his photo and explained that i was a photographer and not some weirdo. *have to have finesse and be approachable when asking for photos*

i took several but this one...was the most interesting, to me. thoughts?

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