Tuesday, January 24, 2012


what sets trends in the world of fashion? is it style, energy, creativity, mood?

i think that it is all of those things. even people who say that they don't care about what they wear i.e, my t-shirt and jeans people, there is still an effort made to be casual and presentable. personal style and ideas are all about just that, being presentable or presenting yourself in the best light.

i have been a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy for a long time. mainly because i feel like i wear my clothes, they don't wear me and i know i look good in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. i am confident in this approach but at the same time i am still very particular about the style of jean, the style of t-shirt, the style of shoe, the style of watch, and i am absolutely OCD about making sure i am clean shaven EVERYDAY.

so with that i present the work of many captured by yours truly. i couldn't have gotten these shots without a team of people. i am always fortunate to work with talented individuals who aren't afraid to collaborate even if they remain behind the scenes. shout out to nikki-"maestro".

personal style IS: energy, creativity, and certainly mood.



  1. Game recognizes game! Your ability to capture what I'm trying to "say" inspires me to create more magic.....even behind the scene, where the real playas dwell! #werock and together, we're #unstoppable! I humbly thank ya!!!

  2. you know it. creative collabs are the best. imagery is always dope when like minded individuals share ideas to create good work. :D