Saturday, January 21, 2012

getting noticed...

how important is it for an artist to leave a lasting impression in the world?

to me it is bigger than my current existence. why? think of all the most important figures in art or history in general, who have left such a profound impact on society that their names nor legacies will ever die.

some projected hurt on society, some love, some indifference, some made a mark so powerful that an undying movement was created by their actions. the latter is what i am more interested in.

my goal with art is to inspire people. to spark a curiosity in the individual that will germinate a desire to seek out new possibilities in him/herself.

pretty bold huh? well let's just say that if i would have been encouraged more as a youth to pursue my dreams and aspirations that i would be much further along than i am now. BUT because i wasn't pushed i have been able to reflect on my past and not let it dictate nor hinder my present or future. with that i hope to project the same intense love for art that i have to others. letting them know that it really is never to late to become that "rockstar" in what ever genre of life that they choose.

i started at 28yrs. and Lord help me, i will live the rest of my life pursing my own personal rockstar status. you can and should do the same.

street shooting style...

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