Sunday, January 22, 2012

in retrospect...

i enjoy filmmaking almost more than i do taking pictures.  my goal is to project an idea that is both visceral and abstract but easily relatable.

my wedding films encompass a different aspect of my craft that can be more challenging to produce, not because i am at a loss for ideas when filming but because capturing every detail, every important moment, and the "money shot" is not only mentally demanding but physically challenging.

so with that being said i wanted to share a quick look at an idea i have had since being in baltimore (2wks).

it has been pretty nippy here and i have been without a tripod but the idea i wanted to convey came across well. i hope. moody and short. let me know what you think and thank you for watching!

Digital Vibrations - Jamiroquai


  1. I like the video. It's very introspective. The new pics look great also, the angles and quality are on point.

  2. Thank you Crystal. I am getting a chance to experiment more with street photography while being stuck in Baltimore for a few weeks. I will be posting a short film (no more than 1-2mins) every month of new material. Stay tuned.