Thursday, January 19, 2012

legends in the game...

Legends in the game…

I know many people consider Derek Blanks to be a legend in the game of photography.  He has produced fabulous images for publications to include: essence ; sister to sister; ebony and other mags. I would only add that there are other photographers in the game who have propelled the craft and the artistry to another level as well.

A few of the ones that instantly come to mind who may be less known to the public because they cover a wider range of photographic assignments, versus mainly high profile celebrities, that include both pop culture, world events, commercial, and editorial would be: Chase Jarvis; Scott Kelby; Joe McNally; and a host of others.

Now why am I even discussing this…well, I would just like to say that there are various innovators in the genre of photography just as in any profession, who I believe, deserve recognition for their contributions. I am a contributor to the craft of photography and I aspire to one day have my name randomly thrown in the mix of the “Legends” as well.

For now, I plan to continue to hone my craft, inspire others with my work and hopefully have my art contribute to society as a whole.


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