Thursday, January 26, 2012


green models...

i am fascinated by how MUA, photographers, and stylists have been inundated with vast supply of models.

increasingly, more individuals are wanting to jump in and join the plunge of modeling. that can be a great thing for MUA, photographers, and stylists. but i would like to use a word of caution: FLEX!

what do i mean by saying FLEX!? basically, show me what you got! there has to be something that each member of the creative team brings to the table. as a photographer i am there to capture the vision and provide some direction but at the same time the MUA has to make sure that the skin is bangin and the stylist MUST have the clothes right. so where does this leave the model? it leaves the model with the chance to KICK ASS by portraying emotion and bringing life to the scene.

look at any movie that has been dubbed a block buster. at the center of these movies, aside from the background techs, and directors etc., are the leading actors and supporting actors. these are the people that bring life to the vision.

with that i leave you with a model who was completely green but had punch and passion about her look. her hair, make-up, and styling were all her own. she was ready to rock and roll.

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