Wednesday, January 18, 2012


hmm...weddings. why do i like weddings? well for starters it is probably one of the only times in a person's life where people come from all around to celebrate this milestone.

but why do i photograph weddings, you ask? FOR THE FAME!! lol! kidding.

because capturing this once (hopefully) in a lifetime event can be a powerful moment not just for the couple and their family and friends, but for me as well.

i recently photographed an african wedding that was so spiritually intense for me that i really had a surreal experience during the event. the drums, the clothes, the food, the was really just a moving experience. i always gain an increased respect for love and the love that i have for my lady which makes the moment i snap a picture that much more special.

what is it that makes your soul tremble when you do it? creating images and capturing life in the moment does it for me.

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