Wednesday, January 25, 2012

never give up...

i was sent an email (Tyler Perry fan club) the other day about success. we all hear about what it takes to become successful and the trials that we must endure to become successful.

there are a multitude of quotes and monologues on how to do it. there are varying interpretations of what success is. what it means to the individual will vary as with anything else that is based on opinion.

at the same time there are crucial characteristics that have been seen in all people who have been seen as "successful" in the societal sense of the word. mainly dealing with financial freedom and social notoriety.

these people were not always innovators or geniuses. but many of them held true to one thing, never giving up on what they knew, for themselves or for the people they wanted to touch, was apart of their destiny or the purpose of their existence.

the pictures below are of Tyler Perry. he is adored and loved by many but not liked by all and that's ok, but the important thing that i grab from him and people like him is that even in, and sometimes especially in, failure there is a learning point and it shouldn't be taken as a sign to give up.

it may be that the way the obstacle was approached was wrong or even if you feel that you did everything right but it still fell through you must realize that everything is not always under your control but that doesn't mean that you should give up on something that is deeply ingrained in our spirit.

my personal mantra that i believe with every fiber in my body, for the things i can control, is this: "What are you gonna do about it". nuff said.


source of images is from google photos.

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