Saturday, January 28, 2012


what language do i speak? how well spoken in that language am i? just a couple of questions that i pondered over while drawing in the bookstore. i love reflective thinking.

creative vision is a language filled with dialects that have different meanings tied to the same words.

some people express themselves through fashion, clothing, hairstyles, make-up. some through more traditional mediums such as: music, writing, painting, ballet, and photography. however you choose to speak the language is up to you.

sitting in the bookstore most weekends, my better half is so patient  ;0) , i often become inspired by reading this language in the multitude of periodicals i’m usually surrounded by. i jot down notes, plan, reflect, and occasionally snap some shots of pictures that really catch my eye-for future inspirational reflection purposes only.

yesterday and today i spent some time drawing, something i haven’t really done in years. my artistic roots lay in pencil and ink composition. i was so engulfed in drawing yesterday that my mind couldn’t stop thinking about the meriade of images that i plan to capture on both canvas and digital film. it is truly amazing how the mind has muscle memory. so thankful for that.

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