Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a simple approach to art...

over the top, energetic, tasteful, creative. those are the words that i hope to evoke from future works.

sometimes, i think that as an artist it can be overwhelming to believe that I WILL bring something different to the table. that’s exactly what i plan to continue to push for. there are various extremely talented photogs/videogs out there that “bring it” on a regular basis.

since i recently started drawing again i have had various off the wall ideas come to me. i have jotted a few of them down for future pursuits and i know that just from the scope of the work…it’s gonna take a talented team and dedicated models to help pull of the concepts. all of which i know i have access to.

art and imagery are all around us and i have never been more passionate about it in my life. only in the last few years have i really felt that i would have access to and pursue my artistic desires and be PAID for them…AMAZING!!!

i want to thank everyone who has believed in my work and the message that i am aiming to get across when it comes to pursing dreams.

i also want to add a thank you to all of my readers. i told myself that i would write this blog everyday (giving myself 1 day off during the week) whether anyone read it or not. my goal has been to touch at least one person with something positive each time i post and at least one has person has told me i have done just that.

so with that, STAY ENCOURAGED!!!

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