Wednesday, February 29, 2012

work in progress...

filming away...

Thank You to everyone who viewed the short! i am filming this evening as well so there is more to come.

just keeping this post short and sweet though. i have recently added a few pictures to my website and changed the format just a tad. when you get a chance, check it out.

as for right now...i was watching something by Tyler Perry in regards to not being noticed. i just had to chuckle to myself...this dude was homeless and putting every dime he had into his plays and not getting any results when he first started...nothing saying that i will get to be as big as he is but i am saying that his story encourages me as i continue to push along.

i guess i aspire to level of Speilberg, a mixture of Tyler, and touch of Scorses and the like.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

short film part 1...


the first thing that i want to say is, Thank You. thank you for your support and thank you for checking up with me to see how my blogging is going.

i wanted to post this last night but i didn't finish the edit until late and i decided to just post it today.

the films that i intend to continue making will be geared toward a human condition/experience. even though i will continue to make wedding films, i will be putting more emphasis on the human experience and highlighting things that i think go unsaid or unaddressed in media.

this is very short only to capture and grab your attention. i hope that the feel and mood of part 1 sparks an intellectual interest that drives you to want more. anticipation is the greatest. ha!

i have only one voice. i really want to make it count.

thank you, and enjoy.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

and to think...

it were that simple...

the choices we have are endless. i have spent the better part of the day contemplating the massive weight of being the master of my own destiny and what it really means.

sure, i know that only i hold the key to what direction my life will go (disclaimer: Free Will is what I believe). surely that's the case for everyone...or is it.

consider this...

The number of sentenced prisoners under state or federal jurisdiction per 100,000 U.S. residents, by gender, race, Hispanic origin.
The number of sentenced prisoners under state or federal jurisdiction per 100,000
U.S. residents, by gender, race, Hispanic origin. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Steve & Yoli baltimore shoot...


it just continues to rain...blessings that is.

capturing special moments between loved ones is probably at the top of the list when it comes to photography for me.

i mean don't get me wrong, fashion (with a high concept) is also enjoyable because of the energy everyone brings to the shoot. but when it comes to really honing and focusing in on a "moment" between two people...weddings and couples shoots reign supreme.

Steve & Yoli have been married for a little over 18yrs. and have never had their photos taken together outside of regular snap shots by family members at gatherings. they were really "kissy face" which made it child's play to capture their love for one another. it was a real treat to capture them and an HONOR to be the first!!


Stay encouraged!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

be on the lookout...

support local artists...

as you already know i am one who promotes and encourages those out there working and putting forth a solid effort in their craft. i hope that the support that i show for others continues to "pay it forward" so that even more will receive the encouragement they need and deserve.

this was just a short post to highlight a local Atlanta artist grinding out her craft.

shout out to the lil homie Kimberly Love!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just because...

working on my film BUT i can't forget about my viewers.

wednesday bangers...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the saga begins...

just a quick update...

filming begins this evening. i am psyched to bring you a short series that i hope you find compelling and well thought out...

stay tuned as i look forward to bringing you nothing but quality entertainment...that sounded very cliche. oh well, i said it and meant it.


Monday, February 20, 2012

keeping the genius flow...

genius rising...

i don't get into ruts too often. i usually have something or someone that i can lean on for inspiration. anybody close to me will tell you that i live in the bookstore on the weekends.

magazines for fashion, weddings, cars, photography equipment, home design, etc. fill the crevices of my inspirational base.

i also stay informed about my craft by checking a few blogs and review sites from those who are of critical importance and have substantial influence in my field of work.

this continuous pattern of studying, analyzing, experimenting, and remaining humble is the way that i raise my own creative bar and credibility as an artist.

international...yup...that will be me.

how do you keep your genius rising/flowing?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

baltimore couples shoot...


the day has finally wrapped up. aside from shooting in the harbor area of baltimore, for my portfolio, i have been able to land a string of couples shoots while being here.

ever a master of trial and error i was pleased, and so was Robert & Mary, with the results.

always a pleasure and always a blessing to do what i love.

Friday, February 17, 2012

christmas time wedding...

tis the season...

i know the season has since come and gone but i always give couples time to post pictures from their wedding ahead of me. which is why i am just now posting a few wedding photos of Chris & Davida.

it was a great ceremony and i had fun, as i always do, capturing their day. as with ALL weddings there were a few challenges when it came to the venue. since it was dimly lit i had to be creative with how i balanced the light in most shots to keep the feel of the occasion natural and unobtrusive. i also had to be creative in how i captured the groom and his groomsmen in their respect dressing area as well as the bride and her bridesmaids in their respect area.

all in all the event went off without any hiccups and was honored to be in attendance.

since capturing weddings is my primary focus it is always cool to shoot in new places that pose challenges, which in essence push my creativity to the edge and elevate my skills.

enjoy and STAY ENCOURAGED!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

free photoshoot...

that's right...

the next 4 months i will be offering my supporters a chance to win a 90 minute photoshoot with yours truly, so long as you are in Atlanta.

because i appreciate the support that i get and know that i will only be successful in my craft with the support of others, i wanted to give every one of you the opportunity a chance at receiving a piece of personalized art from me.

the details...

as you know i blog 6 days a week (i take one day off just to reflect on the week's posts and get my "lesson plans" together for the upcoming week) and i appreciate the views.

but, i NEED your feedback as it relates to the posts, as it helps me gauge the effectiveness of what i am trying to convey with my brand. many of you are friends on facebook, totally thankful for that!, and give me a "thumbs up" on blogpost status updates. so here is the what i'm asking, in order to qualify for the free photoshoot i will monitor the names of the commenters on the posts. a simple sentence or phrase that addresses the content of the post will suffice.

and at the end of the month i will review all comments, again, and the individual with the most comments will receive the free photoshoot, which will take place the month following. i will make a brief blogpost confirming the winner. if there is a tie i will address it by asking a question about something i have said in my blog and give a time limit as to answering the question. the individuals will have to respond via email or facebook inbox, whichever is faster.

i hope everything makes sense, if not please email me at:

for more samples of my work please visit


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

lovers only...

lovers only...not really, for EVERYONE is more like it.

i am actually a huge fan of Maxwell (hence the title of this post) & Sade. their music is the essence of sensuality in song. i know there are many more talented individuals who contribute to the genre of "Love" music but these two individuals take the cake for me.

so even though i don't buy into the valentines day theme, i do respect the fact that some of you do. AND i DO buy into LOVE & ROMANCE regardless of whatever day it is.

so with that i have included a lovers shot. hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Happy Valentines day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Nikki's shine...


coming off of such an interestingly intense weekend, with the Grammy's, Whitney Houston's death, signing another wedding contract, completing a fantastic photo shoot, arriving in Baltimore (again!!!) it is amazing that i still have my creative juices flowing!

alas, i digress. encouragement...yes, i said it and i meant it. often we become wrapped up in our own world and our own problems allowing simple opportunities to encourage others pass us by. we are all guilty of this.

i choose to not let instances pass me by too often, though. it takes effort to sincerely encourage others on their paths to GREATNESS. but always remember that by encouraging others you are also showing the true essence of who you are and what you believe in, which actually becomes the double edged sword that encourages YOU as well (when you really mean it).

so with that i just wanted to shout out Nikki Dahlin! who will be featured in an upcoming yearbook by

CONGRATULATIONS Nikki!!!! follow her on facebook @ nikki dahlin and patron her store on Mitchell St. in Atlanta!

p.s, the candles are excellent!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

fallen artist...


these last 24hrs have been pretty intense.

an artist/LEGEND has passed, i was fortunate to ink another wedding gig, had an AWESOME shoot with a good friend/collaborator (Nikki) and traveled back to Baltimore (for another 4 weeks) all in one breath.

over 170million records sold??? that IS an IMPACT on society/culture/theworld. Whitney Houston.

i remember hearing the soundtrack from The Body Guard over, and over, and over again while growing up. certainly a classic but now it stands out even more. she had/has a plethora of hits...sad

i want to just remember the remarkable voice that this woman had and the impact that she made. outside of her personal struggles...she was an iconic artist.

the picture below is how i remember her most...the one following...signifies her dynasty.

Thursday, February 9, 2012



how has it always been about WOMEN??? many don't believe that it is but to be certain let me inform you of something. statistically more women purchase, patronize, follow, cater to, and adore artists.

this is very cliche, but women ARE the center of the universe not the man. what drives this? ha! do i really have to tell you...we all know.

but why mr. rene are you bringing this up? well mainly because in my business the woman is the first to contact me for services. i am always humbled by this but not surprised. the male bravado always trumps over another male asking me about services. don't ask me why but it does, not in all cases but in most.

so with that, i don't try to create images based on what i know women will like, rather i create images that are geared toward what my spirit and THE SPIRIT has led me to create.

i trust that this brief insight into what makes me tick has captivated you in a way that will hold and maintain your interest in my future works. i like to have educated dialogue, can't you tell? :D

this month i have a very intense feature in store for you so i hope that my conversation keeps you glued to my blog.

stay tuned and STAY ENCOURAGED!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

just a moment...


you ever have an "aha" moment? sure you have. we all have. but have you ever had an "aha" moment that left you EXCITED and anxious to act upon the eureka moment???

i did, recently.

i am currently working on a storyboard for a short film that i plan to air by the end of this month. it is a part of my promise to, not only myself, my supporters. i am passionate about creating and i want to be able to leave enough of my "work" behind before i check out of here permenantly-if you know what i mean.

so in closing don't be afraid to TAKE ACTION on your "aha" moments...they may produce some of your best work(s) yet.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

where are the real men???


social issues...i said it. on this blog i will bring up social issues from time to time because these issues are important and i don't live in some fairytale, fantasy, art bubble. art is always a reflection of ones surroundings and a culmination of various social dynamics.

i decided to discuss this issue after reading in the news about Mitt Romney putting "$100 milli" away for his youngsters. wow. i am not going to get into political jargon about how, why, and was it legal. i will, however, just discuss the simple fact that this man took the time to PLAN for his children.

if you haven't guessed...i am a minority male, beat some tough odds (grew up poor, Iraq war vet, B.S in Acct, & MPA), who just so happens to generally think equally of all people until they change my perception of them.

with the odds already being stacked against minority males it's a wonder why more minority MEN aren't stepping up and being accountable to some of our lost youth.

the point is this: if you or anyone you know has children who need help rearing them, for whatever reason, either reach out and help or ASK for help and be willing to reciprocate the same. help PLAN and BUILD legacies.

in many cases, in the minority community, it still does take a village to raise a productive person and if we don't realize this and start making a change then we will continue to see a downgrade in the minority viability in this country.

Monday, February 6, 2012

yes, i do weddings...

the season for love...

wow sounds so cliche doesn't it? yup, BUT it's true. many of you know someone or are YOURSELF getting married.

well, i am happy to break this to you, I DO WEDDINGS, ha! yup! that's the bulk of my work other than doing short films. i really enjoy capturing the moment of to people joining in a bond before all who wish them well. it's really a HUGE event for most couples and attendees.

so, in the season of spreading the word about my services, since i have been very fortunate to continue to receive requests for my services (getting booked is AWESOME) i have included some sample photos.

don't hesitate to also check out my website. i can be reached through the contact tab, i respond pretty quickly also.