Friday, February 17, 2012

christmas time wedding...

tis the season...

i know the season has since come and gone but i always give couples time to post pictures from their wedding ahead of me. which is why i am just now posting a few wedding photos of Chris & Davida.

it was a great ceremony and i had fun, as i always do, capturing their day. as with ALL weddings there were a few challenges when it came to the venue. since it was dimly lit i had to be creative with how i balanced the light in most shots to keep the feel of the occasion natural and unobtrusive. i also had to be creative in how i captured the groom and his groomsmen in their respect dressing area as well as the bride and her bridesmaids in their respect area.

all in all the event went off without any hiccups and was honored to be in attendance.

since capturing weddings is my primary focus it is always cool to shoot in new places that pose challenges, which in essence push my creativity to the edge and elevate my skills.

enjoy and STAY ENCOURAGED!!!

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