Sunday, February 12, 2012

fallen artist...


these last 24hrs have been pretty intense.

an artist/LEGEND has passed, i was fortunate to ink another wedding gig, had an AWESOME shoot with a good friend/collaborator (Nikki) and traveled back to Baltimore (for another 4 weeks) all in one breath.

over 170million records sold??? that IS an IMPACT on society/culture/theworld. Whitney Houston.

i remember hearing the soundtrack from The Body Guard over, and over, and over again while growing up. certainly a classic but now it stands out even more. she had/has a plethora of hits...sad

i want to just remember the remarkable voice that this woman had and the impact that she made. outside of her personal struggles...she was an iconic artist.

the picture below is how i remember her most...the one following...signifies her dynasty.

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