Thursday, February 2, 2012

fantasy island...

ever wonder what makes the rappers hot these days? is it the way they look, the attitude, persona, lyrics, pure swag (arrogance) that captures people?

or is it the way these young dudes say what they want and mean it that gets them love from masses? and when i say dudes i mean ladies as well.

i mean whose to say that the lyrics, swag, and content that makes songs HOT are even worth listening to or supporting? has our generation gone off the deep end or are we on to something that the world should take a look at?

i would venture to say that it is a little bit of both. on the one hand they have a point, buck the system, do your own thing, get money, have nice things…but then on the other hand the message is a little too light for most people to take completely seriously. i say this because some rappers believe that EVERYONE can make it like they did…while i don’t doubt anyone’s intellect or ability i honestly don’t think that any and everyone can live the life portrayed by the fortunate few.

what do i mean by this? well for starters the hooks and sound of some of the beats are certainly catchy. the ego, machismo, and other imagery portrayed are also definite eye/ear catchers. BUT. At the end of the day what are they really trying to say to the audience? in some cases @#$@# you pay me, for my music. Just being honest. shrugs

me, well i will always have love for those who produce entertaining music (word play here) however, in the end if the individual listening to and subscribing to the content in these songs, doesn’t have a clue about the world around him/her (especially considering the Arab Spring as of late) then much of the content can be mistaken for the truth about life as a whole.

yes, some of the messages can be turned into positive mantras that keep you motivated when “haters” on your back. BUT. when it comes to being realistic about setting goals and working toward them are the listeners doing this or are they just in a perpetual state of entertainment? so much that they have bought completely into the culture of entertainment without having much outlook to the future?

the cats that i listen to, for entertainment, vary and i can certainly say that the lyrics they spew are…EPIC-on an entertainment level. but i realize that there is a generation not understanding the difference between the life that these young gifted dudes/ladies are living and the fantasy that the general audience is living only vicariously through.

point? appreciate the fact that artists of the caliber of pop status have but keep in mind that it took serious effort, tremendous loss for some of them…look at Kanye-lost his mom…and they WORKED HARD and strove for what they believed in way before they had a hit. nothing wrong with being into the music so long as we are into being educated about what is real and what is not for the vast majority of the world.

just don’t get caught up.

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