Thursday, February 16, 2012

free photoshoot...

that's right...

the next 4 months i will be offering my supporters a chance to win a 90 minute photoshoot with yours truly, so long as you are in Atlanta.

because i appreciate the support that i get and know that i will only be successful in my craft with the support of others, i wanted to give every one of you the opportunity a chance at receiving a piece of personalized art from me.

the details...

as you know i blog 6 days a week (i take one day off just to reflect on the week's posts and get my "lesson plans" together for the upcoming week) and i appreciate the views.

but, i NEED your feedback as it relates to the posts, as it helps me gauge the effectiveness of what i am trying to convey with my brand. many of you are friends on facebook, totally thankful for that!, and give me a "thumbs up" on blogpost status updates. so here is the what i'm asking, in order to qualify for the free photoshoot i will monitor the names of the commenters on the posts. a simple sentence or phrase that addresses the content of the post will suffice.

and at the end of the month i will review all comments, again, and the individual with the most comments will receive the free photoshoot, which will take place the month following. i will make a brief blogpost confirming the winner. if there is a tie i will address it by asking a question about something i have said in my blog and give a time limit as to answering the question. the individuals will have to respond via email or facebook inbox, whichever is faster.

i hope everything makes sense, if not please email me at:

for more samples of my work please visit



  1. I love the first picture. She's ready to take on the city. The second picture has so much punk and the "I own this" attitude is coming through. Love it!!

  2. Thank you Jobie! That's pretty much what we were going for in both pictures. Determined and Attitude...positive characteristics!