Monday, February 13, 2012

Nikki's shine...


coming off of such an interestingly intense weekend, with the Grammy's, Whitney Houston's death, signing another wedding contract, completing a fantastic photo shoot, arriving in Baltimore (again!!!) it is amazing that i still have my creative juices flowing!

alas, i digress. encouragement...yes, i said it and i meant it. often we become wrapped up in our own world and our own problems allowing simple opportunities to encourage others pass us by. we are all guilty of this.

i choose to not let instances pass me by too often, though. it takes effort to sincerely encourage others on their paths to GREATNESS. but always remember that by encouraging others you are also showing the true essence of who you are and what you believe in, which actually becomes the double edged sword that encourages YOU as well (when you really mean it).

so with that i just wanted to shout out Nikki Dahlin! who will be featured in an upcoming yearbook by

CONGRATULATIONS Nikki!!!! follow her on facebook @ nikki dahlin and patron her store on Mitchell St. in Atlanta!

p.s, the candles are excellent!

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  1. What fun!!! Thank you for allowing me to think I'm in charge (half the time anyways!)! Ahem.... I can be followed @msnikkidarling and/or @theimageuwant2b! Boom pow!