Sunday, February 5, 2012

the script...


i have had the pleasure of meeting many people in my short time on this planet. some have been encouragers of the work that i am putting out. and i can honestly say that i haven't had a single "hater" as yet though. maybe i have but just didn't know it but for the most part the people i choose to associate with are really cool people who have my best interests at heart.

i am currently working on my next short film script...well actually i am working on a few and i know they will be my best works to date.

i like capturing issues that embolden a deeper pictorial image of the human experience. there are a multitude of issues that have been addressed in indy films but have not made the big screen just yet. i plan on taking these issues there. with YOUR continued support i know that i will be seen with the likes of Spike, Perry, The Hughes Brothers, etc...

if you haven't seen my short film Vanity please check it out. it highlights one of the many different types of issues that i plan to address in films to come.

please stay tuned and please continue to support my efforts. it is greatly appreciated.

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