Tuesday, February 7, 2012

where are the real men???


social issues...i said it. on this blog i will bring up social issues from time to time because these issues are important and i don't live in some fairytale, fantasy, art bubble. art is always a reflection of ones surroundings and a culmination of various social dynamics.

i decided to discuss this issue after reading in the news about Mitt Romney putting "$100 milli" away for his youngsters. wow. i am not going to get into political jargon about how, why, and was it legal. i will, however, just discuss the simple fact that this man took the time to PLAN for his children.

if you haven't guessed...i am a minority male, beat some tough odds (grew up poor, Iraq war vet, B.S in Acct, & MPA), who just so happens to generally think equally of all people until they change my perception of them.

with the odds already being stacked against minority males it's a wonder why more minority MEN aren't stepping up and being accountable to some of our lost youth.

the point is this: if you or anyone you know has children who need help rearing them, for whatever reason, either reach out and help or ASK for help and be willing to reciprocate the same. help PLAN and BUILD legacies.

in many cases, in the minority community, it still does take a village to raise a productive person and if we don't realize this and start making a change then we will continue to see a downgrade in the minority viability in this country.

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