Wednesday, February 1, 2012

winning isn’t free…


that is probably the hardest word for a person, who is a perfectionist or anyone for that matter, to hear. it really burns and stings, especially when you know that you gave it everything that you had.

how often does it happen in life? all the time. it can be a real let down for those of us who aspire to achieve greatness in our own light. goodness knows when you don’t measure up to your own expectations…it can be rough.

i know firsthand about failure. trust me. it really has taken a lot of growth and maturity to get to the point that i know to keep going in spite of failure. my passion for art and my development as an artist has not been without failure, and that’s for certain. not to say that i have arrived but as you look at the pictures below you can tell the difference on your own.

main point of this post…well i basically had a rough day but needed to vent to remind myself to keep going despite a couple of let downs. tenacity isn’t free, it comes with a price and that price is adversity.

i had to pull out some old pictures i took when i first started to remind me not to beat myself up too much because it will get better. sometimes we just have to remind ourselves of where we came from and what we have accomplished in order to remain positive.

i hope this post helps you remember how fortunate you are when you look back over the adversities that you have survived. you are still in the fight, failure isn’t free so make it count for something GREAT!

Stay Encouraged!!

some wins...

now for all LLLLLLLLLLOsses....smh..

now do you see? came a llllllloooooonnnnnggg way...

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