Thursday, February 9, 2012



how has it always been about WOMEN??? many don't believe that it is but to be certain let me inform you of something. statistically more women purchase, patronize, follow, cater to, and adore artists.

this is very cliche, but women ARE the center of the universe not the man. what drives this? ha! do i really have to tell you...we all know.

but why mr. rene are you bringing this up? well mainly because in my business the woman is the first to contact me for services. i am always humbled by this but not surprised. the male bravado always trumps over another male asking me about services. don't ask me why but it does, not in all cases but in most.

so with that, i don't try to create images based on what i know women will like, rather i create images that are geared toward what my spirit and THE SPIRIT has led me to create.

i trust that this brief insight into what makes me tick has captivated you in a way that will hold and maintain your interest in my future works. i like to have educated dialogue, can't you tell? :D

this month i have a very intense feature in store for you so i hope that my conversation keeps you glued to my blog.

stay tuned and STAY ENCOURAGED!

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