Saturday, March 31, 2012

workin with Liv...


it has been a minute. BUT there is good news. i was able to acquire another piece of needed gear (another D3s-D4 is on back order so i couldn't wait)! the saga continues...

last weekend i had a blazin shoot with Billie & Nikki but this weekend was a little more relaxed. a little more calm...just me and a friend/long time collaborator Liveyah!

it is always a pleasure working with someone that brings consistent energy and can understand the vision that i have when creating.

she has always been a "go to person" for help creating concepts.

look out for her music and other up coming projects!

follow her on twitter@ LiveyahLee
and check her bio at:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

billie badass fashion forward 2012... was a long day but i was able to have an awesome time shooting gorgeous models, stylish accessories, and clothing.

i am not a fashion photographer BUT i can take a picture of a fashion model, ha! you like the word play? let's just say that a fashion model does all the work while i just take the picture. lol

just a quick look at a coming spread...-oh, yeh and that's Billie in the pics below.

shout out to Nikki Dahlin and Billie Hilliard!!

check them BOTH out.



Saturday, March 24, 2012

bright ideas...

we all have them...

what is your bright idea? are you sitting on it or are you developing it?

nuff said.

Stay Encouraged!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

it is never too late...


for those of us who are a little older and are just now getting started in what we REALLY want to do in life, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!

i came across this young fellow a while ago and found his story inspirational only because of where he started...and now look at where he is...Forbes...Billion with a B....

Cheers to you John Paul Dejoria!

born...April 13, 1944. helped found Paul Mitchell Hair Systems in 1980 (my math may be off but when he was around 36? HA!) with less than a thousand dollars!!!! yearly revenues now....$900million.



Monday, March 19, 2012

classic...nothing new...


i was just going through some old footage that never put on youtube...*shakes head*

some of you have seen it before but some haven't.

hope you had a great weekend and are ATTACKING the days ahead.

Stay Encouraged!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

the homie producer Troy .S...

always good to continue seeing young motivators...innovating...

spent some time with a collaborator/friend. Troy.S.

the dude is definitely gifted and on the rise with his drive and energy. he's focused and hopefully all of you will see and hear some of his greatness soon.

in the mean time he and i will be working on another film effort that i hope captivates your hearts and minds.

stay tuned and Stay Encouraged!

humble beginnings to the glamourous life...


you ever wonder about the artists that you hear on the radio? the fact that many of them started from humble beginnings?

i am a fan of Kanye's. have been since he first went solo. i thought his music was new and provocative, still do. he trounces on the notion of being politically correct and forces people to hear his message. the rhythm of his music and the way that he delivers each bar...leaves you with the impression that either this dude is so full of himself that he can't see straight OR he really wants you to feel his message and be unafraid of conquering life. the latter is what i take it as and is what i am ALL about.

he started from humble beginnings and if you listen to his first album The College Dropout the last song on there entitled, Last Call actually gives a short personal account of his upbringing in an industry known for producing one hit wonders.

Yeezy tho? he's still standing AND he's a midwesterner, as i myself hail from the same neck of the woods.

just wanted to give you some insight as to what was going on with me over these last few days. mostly getting inspiration from music, talking with my cast members (EXCITED) and doing more research on camera equipment.

Stay Encouraged!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

shout out to the homie Frederick Germaine!!!!


my friend/collaborator/client Frederick has had the honor of being nominated by The National Black Book Festival for the NewAuthor Award!!!

faith, work, and dedication has paid off for this brotha! Congratulations Frederick!!

don't forget to grab your copy of Ladies Man!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

how committed are you...


it's a heck of ah thing. it will drive you when you don't want to go. it will keep you from being complacent. it will hold you to your word, if you are truly committed.

why am i writing about this? well often i get requests for photo or video services and as much as i would love to commit to all of them as a business person, i can't. some projects are certainly worth taking a look at BUT when it comes to being committed to the Brand i am building, certain projects don't fit.

commitment is also knowing your limits and understanding how to overcome those limits. case in point, i have been saving for a while (two months really) for a new camera to help with the workload and to help propel the quality of my films.

it hasn't been easy but eating out less and making coffee at home-Starbucks fiend-has helped as well as taking on a project here or there to help (i am pushing the focus more so to weddings and select film projects).

i am within "touching" distance of the camera right now BUT making the purchase is still being weighed heavily against future billings from weddings and special project films. i know that with the current workload i have i will more than break even. at the same time i am still attempting to be as calculated as possible on ALL my PROFESSIONAL choices.

i want to provide the best possible outcome for my clients. of course i could shoot a great film or photo on a camera from Walmart but what happens when i land films/advertising for Coke, Amex, Shoot a documentary of Tyler Perry, Home Depot, BOA...then what? there's no way i'm going up to those companies and individual with anything less than the BEST gear i can afford.

below are two pictures. one of the cameras i currently shoot with.

invest in yourself, invest in your craft, invest in the work that you do for others.

Stay focused, stay committed, stay motivated and Stay Encouraged!

my current work horse

the future...

Monday, March 12, 2012

motivation from without...


whoever came up with the phrase, "motivation comes from within" was only partially correct. as a matter of fact the person is mostly wrong (not really just like to add suspense), if you see it how i see it. let me explain.

most of us who want something better from our current situation or would just like to change the situation altogether want the change because we are missing something. hence my thoughts about motivation comes from without.

without that ultimate need being fulfilled, that dream being realized, that goal being accomplished, that next big break...we are operating from a feeling of WITHOUT. yes, we are internally motivated (i give in) but we are internally motivated by what we don't have but NEED/WANT.

i am certainly motivated by "without". i had to work for everything i ever got and am getting (like many who have risen from the lower ranks of society only to make it to the top Oprah, Tyler, etc, etc). i am motivated to inspire others to RISE to the occasion of LIFE and not only live it but CONQUER IT!!!

through my words of encouragement, edification, my films, photo projects, art in general, i plan to leave a legacy that helps to destroy the idea of "i can't" for many.

with that being said, last months winner of the free photoshoot is Jobie!!!!

comment on this post Jobie with your email information or shoot me a message on facebook for the details.

thank you all for listening.

Stay Encouraged!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

1000 hits...

success begins from within...

it's true that success starts from within but without the support and followership that you have provided achieving my ultimate success will not be possible.

Thank you to everyone who has watched my films, commented on my posts, and forwarded my blogsite information to others.

i will continue to strive to provide encouraging content and be a site devoted to inspiration and insightful information, and mostly photography/films. ha!

the next film i produce will be based out of Atlanta. if you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in any of my upcoming projects drop me a line in the comments section or direct message me on twitter @jasonmlrene

the picture below...aahhh was taken at a tropical paradise...St. Lucia, though the place where this was taken is not the ultimate goal, traveling to places like this and sharing inspirational films IS. what are some of your goals?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

8.11 short film...

i have finished the edit...

it is 10:39pm and i have completed the short. i hope that you gain something from it. i hope that it encourages you.

thank you for your support and continued interest in my projects.

Stay Encouraged!

Friday, March 9, 2012

back in the ATL...

finally back home...

to continue to grind. the saga continues. have a HUGE edit to do on the film short that i finished. looking forward to it. hope you are too.

watched Good Deeds today with the lil lady. AWESOME movie! Go TYLER!

one day...i know for day...i feel it in my bones and everything in me that if i don't succeed that means i died too soon.

Stay Encouraged!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

small thing to a giant...

i can overcome this...

third day of filming. i am getting close to wrap up but i just wanted to drop my readers a line. :D Thank you!

no matter how small you may think that your dream is PURSUE IT!

it's possible.

Stay Encouraged!

Monday, March 5, 2012


quick update...

things are moving along for the short film that i am currently working on. i am also looking forward to getting back to Atlanta to work with some of my "go to" artist friends to get to work on another project.

just wanted to give a quick update a let you know that i appreciate your continued viewership!

Stay Encouraged!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

not always easy...

sitting here...

in baltimore. working. how am i working? by keeping my motivation up. yup.

it's not always easy to stay motivated to go after what you really want. this is not nor will be the last post about this very important topic. mainly because it is an uphill battle that all the GREATS have faced.

just got finished listening to the last 40 seconds of OMG by Usher. i listened to the last part about 10 times back to back just because of the energy that is in it. hearing people chanting (i know that it is an sample) as you do your ROCK the STADIUM??!! REALLY? that has to be the greatest thing to ever experience for an artist.

i will say this though...I AM A ROCKSTAR!!! not in the way that those who have come before me or the ones who are rocking on stage were/are but in the way that i know i will ALWAYS have at least one super HUGE fan. ME! (not to discount for one second the people who are in my corner)

i hope that you always remember that about yourself when you go through the battle of remaining motivated. YOU are your biggest fan because only YOU know what is in your heart and what you should be doing even when the times get hard and no one understands.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

masks we have worn...


you ever think about how many personalities you have? i mean not saying you are not who you are all the time BUT we have certain characteristics that we choose to share with some people but not others.

well, when i took the picture below i began to think about all the masks that i have worn throughout life. no phoniness or "fakeness" just a different side that i have chosen to share with some but not all. you know, "playing your cards to your chest".

for the most part i think that the human experience is all about facing reality and finding out who we really are amongst the many shells that enclose us. i am still peeling back the onion of who Jason is but i find that it is a marvelous experience to keep learning and growing.

the mask that i have PULLED OFF and disposed of, most recently, was one that hindered me from chasing after my dream and growing as a person.

i hope that if you have on the mask i just mentioned, you are able to PULL yours OFF as well and move toward your destiny.

Stay Encouraged!