Tuesday, March 13, 2012

how committed are you...


it's a heck of ah thing. it will drive you when you don't want to go. it will keep you from being complacent. it will hold you to your word, if you are truly committed.

why am i writing about this? well often i get requests for photo or video services and as much as i would love to commit to all of them as a business person, i can't. some projects are certainly worth taking a look at BUT when it comes to being committed to the Brand i am building, certain projects don't fit.

commitment is also knowing your limits and understanding how to overcome those limits. case in point, i have been saving for a while (two months really) for a new camera to help with the workload and to help propel the quality of my films.

it hasn't been easy but eating out less and making coffee at home-Starbucks fiend-has helped as well as taking on a project here or there to help (i am pushing the focus more so to weddings and select film projects).

i am within "touching" distance of the camera right now BUT making the purchase is still being weighed heavily against future billings from weddings and special project films. i know that with the current workload i have i will more than break even. at the same time i am still attempting to be as calculated as possible on ALL my PROFESSIONAL choices.

i want to provide the best possible outcome for my clients. of course i could shoot a great film or photo on a camera from Walmart but what happens when i land films/advertising for Coke, Amex, Shoot a documentary of Tyler Perry, Home Depot, BOA...then what? there's no way i'm going up to those companies and individual with anything less than the BEST gear i can afford.

below are two pictures. one of the cameras i currently shoot with.

invest in yourself, invest in your craft, invest in the work that you do for others.

Stay focused, stay committed, stay motivated and Stay Encouraged!

my current work horse


the future...

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