Sunday, March 18, 2012

humble beginnings to the glamourous life...


you ever wonder about the artists that you hear on the radio? the fact that many of them started from humble beginnings?

i am a fan of Kanye's. have been since he first went solo. i thought his music was new and provocative, still do. he trounces on the notion of being politically correct and forces people to hear his message. the rhythm of his music and the way that he delivers each bar...leaves you with the impression that either this dude is so full of himself that he can't see straight OR he really wants you to feel his message and be unafraid of conquering life. the latter is what i take it as and is what i am ALL about.

he started from humble beginnings and if you listen to his first album The College Dropout the last song on there entitled, Last Call actually gives a short personal account of his upbringing in an industry known for producing one hit wonders.

Yeezy tho? he's still standing AND he's a midwesterner, as i myself hail from the same neck of the woods.

just wanted to give you some insight as to what was going on with me over these last few days. mostly getting inspiration from music, talking with my cast members (EXCITED) and doing more research on camera equipment.

Stay Encouraged!!

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