Saturday, March 3, 2012

masks we have worn...


you ever think about how many personalities you have? i mean not saying you are not who you are all the time BUT we have certain characteristics that we choose to share with some people but not others.

well, when i took the picture below i began to think about all the masks that i have worn throughout life. no phoniness or "fakeness" just a different side that i have chosen to share with some but not all. you know, "playing your cards to your chest".

for the most part i think that the human experience is all about facing reality and finding out who we really are amongst the many shells that enclose us. i am still peeling back the onion of who Jason is but i find that it is a marvelous experience to keep learning and growing.

the mask that i have PULLED OFF and disposed of, most recently, was one that hindered me from chasing after my dream and growing as a person.

i hope that if you have on the mask i just mentioned, you are able to PULL yours OFF as well and move toward your destiny.

Stay Encouraged!

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