Monday, March 12, 2012

motivation from without...


whoever came up with the phrase, "motivation comes from within" was only partially correct. as a matter of fact the person is mostly wrong (not really just like to add suspense), if you see it how i see it. let me explain.

most of us who want something better from our current situation or would just like to change the situation altogether want the change because we are missing something. hence my thoughts about motivation comes from without.

without that ultimate need being fulfilled, that dream being realized, that goal being accomplished, that next big break...we are operating from a feeling of WITHOUT. yes, we are internally motivated (i give in) but we are internally motivated by what we don't have but NEED/WANT.

i am certainly motivated by "without". i had to work for everything i ever got and am getting (like many who have risen from the lower ranks of society only to make it to the top Oprah, Tyler, etc, etc). i am motivated to inspire others to RISE to the occasion of LIFE and not only live it but CONQUER IT!!!

through my words of encouragement, edification, my films, photo projects, art in general, i plan to leave a legacy that helps to destroy the idea of "i can't" for many.

with that being said, last months winner of the free photoshoot is Jobie!!!!

comment on this post Jobie with your email information or shoot me a message on facebook for the details.

thank you all for listening.

Stay Encouraged!!


  1. Yea!!! I won!! Thank you Jason!

  2. Yup! I saw your tweets!! Ha! I will call you with the details shortly. :D Congratulations!!!!