Sunday, March 4, 2012

not always easy...

sitting here...

in baltimore. working. how am i working? by keeping my motivation up. yup.

it's not always easy to stay motivated to go after what you really want. this is not nor will be the last post about this very important topic. mainly because it is an uphill battle that all the GREATS have faced.

just got finished listening to the last 40 seconds of OMG by Usher. i listened to the last part about 10 times back to back just because of the energy that is in it. hearing people chanting (i know that it is an sample) as you do your ROCK the STADIUM??!! REALLY? that has to be the greatest thing to ever experience for an artist.

i will say this though...I AM A ROCKSTAR!!! not in the way that those who have come before me or the ones who are rocking on stage were/are but in the way that i know i will ALWAYS have at least one super HUGE fan. ME! (not to discount for one second the people who are in my corner)

i hope that you always remember that about yourself when you go through the battle of remaining motivated. YOU are your biggest fan because only YOU know what is in your heart and what you should be doing even when the times get hard and no one understands.



  1. Im working on me. I believe that we will always be a work in progress cause we learn everyday. My favorite quote life is like dance sometimes we lead sometimes we follow but we learn every step of the way.

  2. i know right...continue working on YOU! YOU come first and everything else comes second...why? well...i know for me if i am not "right" then everything else i touch won't be right either.

    love the life mantra that you have. sometimes a mantra can be the saving grace on a tough day. for me it is.

    Thank You for commenting!

  3. im glad I came over to read... having a tough time with my grandmother's passing (not always easy).. but its brought so many blessings as well. I guess when you purpose to be the best YOU you can be, therein we find EVERYTHING we need... starts with YOU.. God Bless you Jason (Dom)

  4. i'm glad that i was able to provide some words that you found some semblance of comfort in. sorry about your loss...i know what it's like, still mourning mine and she passed in 2003...
    Stay Uplifted!