Sunday, April 8, 2012

new baby girl...congrats!!! to Mr. & Mrs. Lacey!!!


it is definitely in the air...

been away for a while but trust me...i have been working. ;0)


Happy Easter!

Stay Encouraged!!


  1. Jason!! You are truly a pleasure to work with. We laughed last night about how hectic the shoot started when the Lacey's were in the wrong location but thought that your few words helped bring everything back together when they FINALLY arrived.
    Thank You - Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

  2. *CHEESIN HARD!!!* It was certainly a pleasure for me as well. NO matter what, when the show starts (no matter how long it takes)-nothing but POSITIVE ENERGY needs to be there. I am patient and I appreciate the fact that I was chosen to capture this monumental moment in their lives. So, THANK YOU!