Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!! many...lost

i guess since the majority of the true friends that i have are my brothers and sisters in arms, i will always have a special place in my heart for those who have served this country.

when i first enlisted in 98' i had no clue of what my view of the world was. i didn't know anything about other countries, cultures, people, foods, etc. i just knew that i wanted to get out of the hood and do something different.

after almost a year's worth of training as a medic i ended up with Marines on Paris Island in South Carolina. from that experience i learned a lot about myself and gained an admiration for Marines that will never fade, even though i was a Navy dude.  i did everything they did except i would take care of them if they got hurt or injured.

from there i went and lived abroad....Sicily, Italy...a place that i will always call home. the view from my very first apartment was spectacular. living on my own in a foreign land was an experience that has helped shape my world outlook and give depth to the way i view cultures different from my own.

finally touching down in Atlanta to be stationed with Marines again, was a blessing and a curse. from here i faced one of the most unforgiving tests of my life. going off to war. Iraq 2005...and what an experience that was. lets just say...i know first hand how fragile a human life is and how frail and vulnerable the shell of a human after it has been annihilated by made man objects and once the essence is gone. it is a tremendous thing to witness first hand on a day in day out basis the fragility of life.

so with all that being said, 8 years of active duty service later, released in 2006, my life has been shaped and transformed, forever, by the time i served and i will always keep in my heart, the brave men and women who served before, during, and after me and the commitment that we shared in protecting and serving this nation.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

long time coming...

ahhh....always good to just breathe and relax after great shooting...

i had an absolute blast shooting this couple. the wedding will be even more of a treat.

check out the pics and tell me what you think...continuing to create a style all my own...

Stay Encouraged!