Sunday, July 1, 2012


it is an absolute blessing and honor to do what i do.

i get to work with talented people who share in the vision that i have for art and for encouraging others. every time i get a chance to create a film that comes from the heart i am rewarded with encouragement and new inspiration.

Troy Sylvia had a huge hand in making my vision for this project come to life. i provided a little guidance and he took it to the NEXT level with his raw acting ability. he's a gifted dude who i will be working with on more projects to come. i would also like to mention that he is currently arranging an original score for this short and for another one i directed. 

multitalented people...that's who i choose to be around. Jerome Osborne also had a helping hand in the production of this film. he is always eager and helpful when it comes to anything creative that i want to pursue. he's my brother from another mother. 

with any short film that i develop i try to convey an emotion before i send a message. with this short i just wanted to get a reaction. the suicide rate of our nations heros is on the rise and i wanted to make a note of it through this film. since i served in Iraq, 2005, i know first hand of the atrocities of war as well as the emotional impact that happens shortly thereafter witnessing such a thing.  i wanted to create awareness and hopefully just make people think about the true thoughts that go through a person's head who has experienced some very disturbing things in life. i wanted to make the point that stressful situations can affect anyone and that there is no such thing as color when it comes to mental distress.

please, share your thoughts and the film with others.

Stay Encouraged!!

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