Monday, July 16, 2012

paul & denitta july 7, 2012

another wonderful wedding down...

this was one of the most difficult weddings that i have ever had the privilege of capturing. mainly, because it was a cool 100+ degrees outside, and i had to take the majority of the ceremonial shots in direct sunlight. i was literally shooting directly into the sun to capture certain images. (photographers know the difficulty direct sunlight poses)

other than that, this wedding helped me grow as a photographer. it really brought the meaning of patience and resolve to the forefront. meaning, i had to ensure that no matter the elements the wedding day would come off without a hitch.

Thank God that He was able to step in and do the work for me because only He knows that my mettle was truly tested. the worked wonders with the little vessel that is jason m l rene.

enjoy! and stay encouraged!!!


  1. Jason- You are an awesome photographer...You are definately an artist...Thank you so very much for capturing our day!

    - Dennita & Paul Pierre

  2. I am very humbled as it was truly an honor to capture your special day. You could have gone elsewhere but you chose me so I am honored to have been able to capture such a treasured moment in your lives.