Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 year overnight success...

i am writing this post because i don't believe in overnight success.

i believe in work. i believe in people getting off their ass and going after what they really want in life. it takes great courage to go after your dreams. especially when you have doubt in your own heart. not doubt about whether you will succeed or not. but the kind of doubt one has about being able to handle the times that will be hard. because you know that times will get never fails for anything worth pursuing.

i usually see my dream car on the road when i think hard about what i want out of life. i mean...i just day dream really hard (fantasize about when "i make it")...and then...almost out of nowhere, there she is Porsche 911...i plan to buy one. CASH!!! from the hard work that i am putting in.

do i go hard everyday? i try but it's really tough, when you work a 9-5 and actually care about the work that you do, meaning: you give your day job its just do because it is feeding you AND you know that being grateful for a job in such a tough economy is a virtue and not a cop-out. plus the work that i actually do is very rewarding because i am giving back to those who have given more than most Americans will ever, can ever, imagine. weekends are filled with chasing the dream of being known as an ARTIST! known for my cinematic and picture capturing abilities. known for being a humble dude who was born wanting to be an artist like one of the great renaissance painters/sculptures...that's where my artist lineage derives from. it has nothing to do with wanting to be like anyone out now (no offense to any of the current greats because trust me...i respect craft)...

on my ipad is a picture of me and Swizz Beatz...i will never forget meeting him (took pictures at his brother's birthday party) because even after selling/producing over a hundred million records his weight in a room is as light as someone who never did anything. yet his presence can be felt GLOBALLY.

so when you check in on me, to see if wrote anything new or took any new cool pictures and you find yourself looking at a post from weeks ago, don't think that i am sleepin, or not going after mine. time away from shooting/directing/arranging is spent STUDYING.

i appreciate ALL the love that my encouragers give me. Really i do because i know that no matter how good i am and great that i (will) become at what i do, if no one knows it or appreciates it i will not have left a mark on this Earth that i plan to leave.


Stay Encouraged!!!

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