Sunday, August 19, 2012

i get it in...

well now, if you have ever seen me work at catching the best shot during a shoot then you know that i can be somewhat of a "ninja" (as i have been called by one of my brides). ha!

it is always interesting at the end of a shoot to see the images that i have performed gymnastics to get. rarely, if ever, do i get an opportunity to see any footage of getting "THE" shot. i was pleasantly surprised by the shot that Jerome captured of me, doing a mini lunge, taking photos.

trust me by the end of the night/day i am barely able to walk and the next day...forget it, i just chill out and lounge around the house (loungeking).

i am also, always, flattered when i hear wedding attendees say, "Man you got some good shoots, or, Wow- you were EVERYWHERE, or, I didn't think you saw that (fill in the blanks) but when I looked up you had already captured the moment and moved on".  and almost always, none of the people who have said such things actually saw the shot on my camera, however, sometimes i do leave the image up on my screen and tilt the camera a little just in case someone wants to see as i walk past. i do this so that people don't think that i am moving like "like a ninja" for no reason and that i am actually documenting special and specific moments.

the craft of photography is something that helps me express myself through the subtleness of the image. i really feel like a ROCKSTAR when i am capturing images. this is mainly because the bride and groom (or whoever is paying the fee) has entrusted ME to capture this special once in a lifetime moment. that is an honor and gives me that much more of a push to be "all the way turned up", "put on", "on 5 trillion-million-billion", "on one", "on beast mode", and any other slogan that denotes being at the highest level of oneself. not that i get arrogant, not this is the contrary, i just get more focused and in tune with the task that everything else...just falls away. it is truly a surreal experience for me, EVERY time.

if you love what you do, DO IT!

Stay Encouraged!!

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