Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nikki and Billie...fall 2012

as always....

that is a favorite saying that i share between my artist friends when they say, "you did the damn thang", or "i love that shot", or "wow, that's it right there"...when i say, "as always" it has nothing to do with arrogance or anything like it. simply, i am referring to the opportunity that i love taking advantage of.

when i get a chance to work with TALENTED people who understand the vision, grasp the concept, know how to move, passionate about what they deliver, cognizant of how they look, respond well to my verbal and facial ques...all i can do IS take a great picture. the models, makeup, stylist, art director, assistant (shout out to Dave), did the majority of the work.

needless to say i had a great time shooting this weekend. a nice warm sunday morning...that's right, you guessed it, getting it in.

below are a few of the behind the scenes shots. the ladies Billie and Nikki are always the bomb to work with and BOTH have AWESOME projects on the horizon. i love being around talented, motivated, and passionate people. i can do nothing BUT be inspired to give the best that i have to each shoot that involves people like the ones i had the privilege of working with today.

special shout out to Dave who is an aspiring photographer, videographer. we will be working together on future projects together. for one, i need help as the challenges grow (dedicated assistant) and two...well, he wants some experience. i am no master, by any means, but i have the heart to help others succeed in this craft. maybe one day he will be my direct competition. how AMAZING would that be???!?!! #soFlattered

right on for Dave taking my first "model group" shot.

Nikki!!!!! lmbo!

Stay Encouraged!!

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