Saturday, October 27, 2012

not quite halloween wedding...

i had the pleasure of shooting alongside my big bro J.O. for this fall wedding and let me tell was HOOOOT outside! couldn't believe it...smh.

since i was not the main photographer (i was there just for cinemaphotography) i didn't "go in" like i normally would. you know, out of respect for my bro i had to take it easy because he was the main guy. however, he did let me grab a couple shots (i was paid to do video work and he to do photography). it is hard for me, as an artist, not to capture a moment if i have my tools on me. all and all this beautiful bride and groom were a joy to shoot and i look forward to giving them a GRAND wedding film.  their attitudes were on ONE MILLION MEGAWATTS!! even though many of their family members were stuck overseas because of the hurricane, they managed to be in good spirits.

i managed to get a couple of shots of J.O and myself (i didn't realize until i got home that i captured myself on accident because i usually don't look at the back of the camera too much, especially after i have made sure all the technical things are right before i start shooting), as well as capturing some pretty important moments.

this is a great journey to be on. i mean really it is. i never thought that i would end up doing something in the art field and get paid for it. i will never get used to the fact that someone, other than a family member or a close friend, values my work, style, vision, emotion, and creation enough to pay me for it. it is something that i don't take lightly because there are a lot of very talented people in creative arts who do not take advantage of their unique skill set.

my brand is about owning YOURSELF. what i mean by that is, owning what you believe in and doing what you believe you should be doing. my journey is very young, however, i know that it is the right journey and that i am on my way to fulfilling my goal of leaving behind a legacy that will last a few centuries. that's BOLD huh? ha! i know it is but when you believe in yourself and the work that you do then why wouldn't it be possible or even very realistic?

let me know what you think.

Stay Encouraged!

yours in the mirror

big bro J.O

Monday, October 22, 2012

i haven't made it but i am on my way.

i was definitely blessed to be apart of the Dub Magazine Project Season Two. T-Pain, Ca$hout, and B.O.B. check out the link. i will be in three of the episodes (behind the scenes of course)!!!!!

The Dub Magazine Project Season Two

Saturday, October 20, 2012

the father part 1...

i wanted to give you something new and creative so what better way than to play off of the fact that i am a new father.

the next couple of posts will have pictures showing my imaginary alter ego "the Father". it's a concept that i have come up with to showcase the scariness of parenthood. it will also show the "coolness" that a father can still have. just something different and fun.

hopefully you will enjoy this short mini series. it's always awesome to challenge myself in new and creative ways and to also keep YOU, the viewer, interested in what i do. without your continued support...well you know...i wouldn't be successful.

if you are a creative, what have you done lately to challenge yourself?

Stay Encouraged!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

loungeking films and legacy...


something that i do not take lightly but i am still grasping the concept of. looking at my's hard to explain the joy, excitement, frustration, anxiety, thankfulness, humility, and perplexing feelings that i have.

since i have been blessed to defy statistics, you know the ones that show that i should have either been locked up or a low wage earner based on my socioeconomic background and the cultural history surrounding my ethnicity,  i have been allowed the opportunity to have time to reflect on life, establish goals, chase dreams, live abroad, and live freely (meaning without thinking about the example i am setting).  this time, pre-fatherhood, has also allowed me to: make huge mistakes; serve my country in a war zone (which was very mentally taxing considering the role i played); let people down; and experience significant setbacks. yet i have also gotten to: achieve long standing goals of earning a post graduate degree; owning homes; driving nice cars; traveling the world, finding my life's work.

what does all this have to do with "Loungeking Films" though, you ask? a huge amount, to put it simply. being that i have experienced many things in my short existence, "and I'm still here"-love that quote,  and now taking on the role of father and hero to my only child, a son, has raised the bar of expectation.

i already strive to give clients (future life-long friends) every thing i can to make the moments i capture, lasting and visceral. now that i am a new father the "anty" has been upped. i have already been anticipating this moment of my life but now that it is here the gravity of it has allowed me to hone in on what is most important to me, leaving a legacy that my future heirs will be proud of.

i have the dvds, "Half Past Autumn (Gordon Parks) and The Miles Davis Story", both of which are exceptionally told and critically inspiring. the legacy that these two GIANTS left is unreal. i am not saying that there aren't other GIANTS still roaming or who have ever roamed but i am saying that legacy is key to the image/brand that i portray. that is to say that, my work is not solely based on the need for me to be financially successful, but the need for my existence, the medium i have chosen to express my creativity, to have meant something to my family and the world as a whole. i am an artist, a creator, and a master of my own universe.

if you have been rocking with me from day one, i say, "Thank you for believing in my work and what I stand for as an artist". if you are just now tuning in...i hope that the work you review on this blog, my website, youtube channel Loungeking Films, and future projects inspires you to hone in on YOUR deepest desires because i know first hand that life is fragile and fickle (Iraq taught me) and if you find what you love and are passionate about it, YOU too can leave a legacy of a life well lived.

i am working on EARNING my legacy everyday. i hope you do the same.

Stay Encouraged!!!

i look cool as a dad, huh? :D

photo courtesy of D. Rene.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


is fashion my thing?

kinda, especially when, on occasion, to work with some very talented people who feel (and know) that fashion IS their THING. i get pegged to capture the vision that they see. it just works out most times because the vision is clear and the make-up artist, jewelry designer, wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, and most importantly models, put every thing together for me to capture. on to the next..

this year has really flown by for me. i am currently working on two short films that i plan to showcase here in Atlanta. stay tuned for that. other than that...things are the up and up and i plan to continue to stay inspired and encouraging to those who are truly reaching for their dreams.

Stay Encouraged!!