Saturday, October 13, 2012

loungeking films and legacy...


something that i do not take lightly but i am still grasping the concept of. looking at my's hard to explain the joy, excitement, frustration, anxiety, thankfulness, humility, and perplexing feelings that i have.

since i have been blessed to defy statistics, you know the ones that show that i should have either been locked up or a low wage earner based on my socioeconomic background and the cultural history surrounding my ethnicity,  i have been allowed the opportunity to have time to reflect on life, establish goals, chase dreams, live abroad, and live freely (meaning without thinking about the example i am setting).  this time, pre-fatherhood, has also allowed me to: make huge mistakes; serve my country in a war zone (which was very mentally taxing considering the role i played); let people down; and experience significant setbacks. yet i have also gotten to: achieve long standing goals of earning a post graduate degree; owning homes; driving nice cars; traveling the world, finding my life's work.

what does all this have to do with "Loungeking Films" though, you ask? a huge amount, to put it simply. being that i have experienced many things in my short existence, "and I'm still here"-love that quote,  and now taking on the role of father and hero to my only child, a son, has raised the bar of expectation.

i already strive to give clients (future life-long friends) every thing i can to make the moments i capture, lasting and visceral. now that i am a new father the "anty" has been upped. i have already been anticipating this moment of my life but now that it is here the gravity of it has allowed me to hone in on what is most important to me, leaving a legacy that my future heirs will be proud of.

i have the dvds, "Half Past Autumn (Gordon Parks) and The Miles Davis Story", both of which are exceptionally told and critically inspiring. the legacy that these two GIANTS left is unreal. i am not saying that there aren't other GIANTS still roaming or who have ever roamed but i am saying that legacy is key to the image/brand that i portray. that is to say that, my work is not solely based on the need for me to be financially successful, but the need for my existence, the medium i have chosen to express my creativity, to have meant something to my family and the world as a whole. i am an artist, a creator, and a master of my own universe.

if you have been rocking with me from day one, i say, "Thank you for believing in my work and what I stand for as an artist". if you are just now tuning in...i hope that the work you review on this blog, my website, youtube channel Loungeking Films, and future projects inspires you to hone in on YOUR deepest desires because i know first hand that life is fragile and fickle (Iraq taught me) and if you find what you love and are passionate about it, YOU too can leave a legacy of a life well lived.

i am working on EARNING my legacy everyday. i hope you do the same.

Stay Encouraged!!!

i look cool as a dad, huh? :D

photo courtesy of D. Rene.


  1. awwwwwwwwww I am so happy for you! Can't wait to meet HE :)

  2. LOVE THE POST! Congratulations on your newest addition!!! You and your family deserve all the blessings coming your way! You have a rare talent and true gift...your work definately speaks for itself! Keep doing your thing, "Dad"!