Saturday, October 27, 2012

not quite halloween wedding...

i had the pleasure of shooting alongside my big bro J.O. for this fall wedding and let me tell was HOOOOT outside! couldn't believe it...smh.

since i was not the main photographer (i was there just for cinemaphotography) i didn't "go in" like i normally would. you know, out of respect for my bro i had to take it easy because he was the main guy. however, he did let me grab a couple shots (i was paid to do video work and he to do photography). it is hard for me, as an artist, not to capture a moment if i have my tools on me. all and all this beautiful bride and groom were a joy to shoot and i look forward to giving them a GRAND wedding film.  their attitudes were on ONE MILLION MEGAWATTS!! even though many of their family members were stuck overseas because of the hurricane, they managed to be in good spirits.

i managed to get a couple of shots of J.O and myself (i didn't realize until i got home that i captured myself on accident because i usually don't look at the back of the camera too much, especially after i have made sure all the technical things are right before i start shooting), as well as capturing some pretty important moments.

this is a great journey to be on. i mean really it is. i never thought that i would end up doing something in the art field and get paid for it. i will never get used to the fact that someone, other than a family member or a close friend, values my work, style, vision, emotion, and creation enough to pay me for it. it is something that i don't take lightly because there are a lot of very talented people in creative arts who do not take advantage of their unique skill set.

my brand is about owning YOURSELF. what i mean by that is, owning what you believe in and doing what you believe you should be doing. my journey is very young, however, i know that it is the right journey and that i am on my way to fulfilling my goal of leaving behind a legacy that will last a few centuries. that's BOLD huh? ha! i know it is but when you believe in yourself and the work that you do then why wouldn't it be possible or even very realistic?

let me know what you think.

Stay Encouraged!

yours in the mirror

big bro J.O

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