Sunday, November 4, 2012


i had trouble trying to figure out what to title this post because i didn't want to sound too "slangish" or too "with the times" (AND because i am holding my son in my arms as i type this).  reason being is because sometimes being with the times can be limiting. marinate on that...

i digress. this post is about a woman who is soo talented but moreso gifted. Dea Win, what she goes by on facebook (apply tilted as well i might add #Winning!). i met her about two or three years ago, time really leaves me these days. i did a film for her business Pretty Girls Rock Dresses, LLC. since then she has continued to mature her business and brand into one of the most "it girl" businesses in Atlanta.

so why am i doing a blogpost on her? well for starters she has always supported my creative endeavors through promotion and shout outs. i also photographed her cousin's wedding last december (PSA: support each other in the market place). Dea is just a really genuine person and meeting people like her inspires me to continue to do what God has called me to do, encourage and create. so with this post my main goal was to shine a light on someone other than myself and encourage her to keep at it because He knows the potential He gave her and the world will soon know. it was also to increase her visibility because she really does have a lot to offer the community and women in general, she is an empowerer.  i am just happy to know her period. imagine if you knew Oprah before she was OPRAH, how would that make you feel?

so hats off to Dea! we will be working on some projects in the future but most importantly, hit her facebook page up. LIKE it! and stay tuned for what she has to offer because she has a beautiful spirit that the world needs to see!

Stay Encouraged!!!

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