Sunday, November 18, 2012

one unsuspecting sunday 2012...

as an artist i must create. it doesn't matter if it is an image, song, poem, film or drawing. i have to create.

however, through the creative process there are moments where i lack creativity, inspiration, and even sometimes the motivation. i think that this is natural for any creative. i find my process of creating to be even more cumbersome because i am somewhat of a perfectionist. i always desire to push the envelope of my own creativity and often ponder, before any creative endeavor, "what is the purpose of this picture, song, poem, drawing?".

this usually leads to chunks of time where, although i appear active, i am inactive in creating a specific work that reflects my heart and what i want to offer to the world. it can be a painful process, drawing on a muse that can be very elusive. i mean don't get me wrong i find that inspiration comes to me naturally, however, i feel that the GREAT inspired projects don't come as easily or as often as i would like. therefore...i MUST exercise!

today, after leaving my usual place of meditation, Barnes & Noble, i decided to take a creative chance to capture images in Atlantic Station. i have heard the phrase, "you become motivated by doing..." and i knew that i needed to apply this theme if i wanted to capture a work of art (other than the myriad pictures i have taken of my beloved son).

the pictures below are a testament to the random beauty and natural works of art that i found on this seemingly run-of-the-mill lazy sunday. i chose not to inundate you with a multitude of the day's shots, frankly i didn't take that many-possibly around 15-20 images, but to show you two shots that i found meaningful to the experience.

the first captures the melancholy of the day. the sun setting in the distance, and night falling close on this fall sunday. i chose to put it in black & white because this effect brought intensity to the mood of the moment.

the second captures a picture within a picture. i met these nice people purely by "chance" and they were so gracious as to let me capture THEIR MAKING of art. what a privilege. can you see what i mean by the phrase, "picture within a picture". i really feel that God took this because i didn't get it until i after i took it. WOW! what a  revelation!

Stay Encouraged!

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