Thursday, December 20, 2012


some things just have it, weight...

i am constantly reflecting on society and how people interact with each other. to be honest i absolutely think that there are people who are insane living amongst us, camouflaged as ordinary people, who we interact with on a day to day basis. shakes head. i will be collaborating on a film that addresses this theme in 2013 so be on the lookout.

other than that i was captivated by a recent picture i took of a client/friend Mrs. Banks. i knew that i wanted to make it black and white the moment the shutter clicked. it had a certain weight to it. the neck charm is what did it. a certain drama.

i like capturing the weighty images. that is one of the reasons that i am so drawn to weddings and depicting them as they happen rather than forcing a moment by trying to position the bride and groom. it is my way of studying a moment in time that people share that is sacred. it is this par-taking that also gives me some semblance of hope for our society. there is a certain heaviness to pictures that capture love.

the fact that i have been to war and seen and done some things that the very least surreal, it is a wonder that i haven't completely become withdrawn from society. the recent, and seemingly continual, carnage seen around the globe and here in the U.S doesn't do anything to dissuade my belief that unless we wake up as a society our children are absolutely screwed.

i find and seek refuge in my family but also in my, thank you Jesus, ability to create images, play music, and occasionally doodle. i see this as the weight that keeps me anchored in the reality that  there is hope.  i wake up everyday with the intention to make myself better even if only by some small amount because i know that my character will continue to strengthen and my resolve to overcome life's bitter lessons will grow deeper roots into my core belief that we are, i am, here for a reason.

Stay Encouraged!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

all i can say.....

is hat's off to single parents...

this parenting not for the faint of heart.

the picture should say it all...if it doesn't then you should keep enjoying life without diapers upon diapers upon diapers.

i had to make a quick post to show my take on a part of parenthood that is, um, not that cool. because it just really hit me that it would relate to someone and hopefully give a laugh.

chillin in the nursery.

Stay Encouraged!

Monday, December 17, 2012

family affair...


family. it's important. it is needed. it is the final piece of a puzzle that encompasses many of our lives. it is not the only piece but the bedrock of my life, as it is for many.

some people fall back from pursuing their dreams once they start a family. i guess that they feel that once the family is formed, all of their energy needs to be focused on that-the family, and nothing else. i disagree with that.

i feel that once your family is formed that is even more of a reason to not look back. to go even harder, with more passion and resilience. i know that this is the truth for me. 

someone told me i was a photographer today. it wasn't the first time i've been called by such a title and you would think, "well duh, you take photographs of people doing things and stuff" and many would argue in favor of that. however, since i am soooo iconoclastic, i take a more philosophical approach to describing myself. i am an artist. so cliche but trust me it is really how i see myself, it just so happens that the medium of photography has done very well for my ability to express myself. i play instruments and am highly into music as well. painting is also in my blood. and trust me this is not some attempt to aggrandize myself, if you know me...i don't need to make an attempt. ha! (and que eye roll)

i am merely a person who, humbly began as a pencil/pin&ink drawer and found that it is just much quicker to compose a fine sketch if all the elements are in front of you and pushing a little button makes the magic appear. some would even say that i fell back on being lazy...ha! i wouldn't fault them either, but with one caveat my destiny is to create by using any medium readily available to me.

why am i even saying this? because i strongly believe that ones ability should not be squelched but even more so embraced when a family is formed. due to the fact that i now have a son who will one day look to me for guidance and when i look him in the face and tell him that he can do anything in this world so long as he applies himself, i will have to believe it. i will not be just giving lip service to a saying that has been told to many by many who didn't believe the words being spoken.

he will believe me because he will be able to look at me as the example and not a celebrity on television. who knows...the celebrity he may see on television might just very well be his father.

Stay Encouraged.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a new era...

is upon us...

ha! i just liked saying that because it sounds cool. :D i can be  a real goof ball trust me. haha!

i have recently teamed up with style & inspiration blogger Alaina Banks to give her followers vivid imagery of her daily style. i think that the images listed below tell the story of what she is about, stylistically, and will hopefully garner new interest in both of our blogs. check out her blog to see more of what she has to offer in terms of helping to cultivate a positive image of self as well as womanhood.

in the mean time, i have continued to push forward for the coming year. stay tuned for more.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

come play ball...


that's how i greet my brother J.O on the phone or in person. crazy. *shakes head*

anyway, today was spent photographing a 4month old (almost 5)...really? i know i will have his photos to show, once approved by the parents, but it's crazy...the little dude was just 9 days old the last time i shot him. wow...getting old, getting old. LOL!

it was a great family shoot though, really it was. i got a chance to catch up with the little man's dad, talk about my son with them, try out a couple new lens, and most importantly create new work!

i also got a chance to "chop it up" with J.O about business and how we both are going to grow professionally in the coming year. i had a chance to bounce somethings off of him and he off of me. it's great to have a sounding board and someone in your corner who is also interested in the same things creatively. even though he isn't my main sounding board i enjoy hearing his take on my progression as an artist. i know that a lot of people may feel stuck in their craft because others may not see the vision that they have or even accept the vision because it is so far removed from the average.

going forward i hope to continue to bring you antic-dotes about my life and the lives of others who have stories filled with hope. i didn't want to make this blog entirely about me. i have showcased a few people on here and i have tried to encourage as well by sharing information about people i admire.

on another note, as i was walking out the studio, after another successful shoot might i add, i decided to take the picture below. "something" just came over me to take it. it made sense at the time because i wanted to show what i look like while shooting but also because while talking to my brother i told him that THIS (my look/attire) and the studio is how i envision myself in the future. as an artist that is what i want to look like. but honestly i go back and forth about my attire but at that get the picture. the whole feel reminded me of something out of lower Manhattan in the meat packing district. super expensive day.

so i urge YOU to continue to DREAM BIG and WORK FOR IT. believe that you are working toward the reason why you are here and eventually you will wind up doing it and look back at the journey and say to yourself, "this is really happening...i always knew but it is really surreal that i am living the way that i envisioned".


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

whoa dere...


the new year is upon us. many of us didn't get what we wanted to get accomplished this year. i know that i got more accomplished this year than i thought i would. it was mainly because i had a strong support system and moreso because i DID what i set out to.

as the year draws to a close reflect on what you have accomplished this year. i know that i set out to make this blog a priority of getting out the ideas i had as it relates to encouragement and displaying my art. i will say...i have kept it pretty tame as far as my thoughts are concerned and what i have shared with you.

just know that in the coming won't be as such. meaning, the muzzle that has been firmly placed will be loosened. you have been warned...(i say this because some nights i have had the brandy snifter a  quarter full with spirits as i have typed these blogs-i like nite caps from time to time ;0) )

i started keeping a daily journal, written in a single Word document, for the past several months. it has helped me keep track of my progress toward business concepts, shoot ideas, and other accomplishments and milestones that were worthy of documenting. i urge you to do the same if you really want to keep a track of what you have done throughout the year.

i plan to read everything that i have done, since the start of my daily journaling, to stay the course as it relates to my personal journey.

to all who are determined to live their destiny in life and live up to the gifts given to them by God....STAY ENCOURAGED and NEVER GIVE UP!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

one saturday morning in december...

...i took pictures of a beautiful Alabama couple.

Chris and Joi were nothing short of a ball of laughs and the experience was well worth braving the cold. she was very brave, considering her classy short skirt. i did my best to keep them out of the shade and in the sun. i think they appreciated it. ;D

anyway, details, details, details...i will be capturing their blissful day in March 2013 in Alabama. road trips are the best. it is such a blessing to have such an impact with my work that it takes me across state lines. i know that their wedding is going to be off the chain based on Chris' antics and Joi's openness to his jovial ways.

stay tuned...

Stay Encouraged!