Sunday, December 9, 2012

come play ball...


that's how i greet my brother J.O on the phone or in person. crazy. *shakes head*

anyway, today was spent photographing a 4month old (almost 5)...really? i know i will have his photos to show, once approved by the parents, but it's crazy...the little dude was just 9 days old the last time i shot him. wow...getting old, getting old. LOL!

it was a great family shoot though, really it was. i got a chance to catch up with the little man's dad, talk about my son with them, try out a couple new lens, and most importantly create new work!

i also got a chance to "chop it up" with J.O about business and how we both are going to grow professionally in the coming year. i had a chance to bounce somethings off of him and he off of me. it's great to have a sounding board and someone in your corner who is also interested in the same things creatively. even though he isn't my main sounding board i enjoy hearing his take on my progression as an artist. i know that a lot of people may feel stuck in their craft because others may not see the vision that they have or even accept the vision because it is so far removed from the average.

going forward i hope to continue to bring you antic-dotes about my life and the lives of others who have stories filled with hope. i didn't want to make this blog entirely about me. i have showcased a few people on here and i have tried to encourage as well by sharing information about people i admire.

on another note, as i was walking out the studio, after another successful shoot might i add, i decided to take the picture below. "something" just came over me to take it. it made sense at the time because i wanted to show what i look like while shooting but also because while talking to my brother i told him that THIS (my look/attire) and the studio is how i envision myself in the future. as an artist that is what i want to look like. but honestly i go back and forth about my attire but at that get the picture. the whole feel reminded me of something out of lower Manhattan in the meat packing district. super expensive day.

so i urge YOU to continue to DREAM BIG and WORK FOR IT. believe that you are working toward the reason why you are here and eventually you will wind up doing it and look back at the journey and say to yourself, "this is really happening...i always knew but it is really surreal that i am living the way that i envisioned".


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