Monday, December 17, 2012

family affair...


family. it's important. it is needed. it is the final piece of a puzzle that encompasses many of our lives. it is not the only piece but the bedrock of my life, as it is for many.

some people fall back from pursuing their dreams once they start a family. i guess that they feel that once the family is formed, all of their energy needs to be focused on that-the family, and nothing else. i disagree with that.

i feel that once your family is formed that is even more of a reason to not look back. to go even harder, with more passion and resilience. i know that this is the truth for me. 

someone told me i was a photographer today. it wasn't the first time i've been called by such a title and you would think, "well duh, you take photographs of people doing things and stuff" and many would argue in favor of that. however, since i am soooo iconoclastic, i take a more philosophical approach to describing myself. i am an artist. so cliche but trust me it is really how i see myself, it just so happens that the medium of photography has done very well for my ability to express myself. i play instruments and am highly into music as well. painting is also in my blood. and trust me this is not some attempt to aggrandize myself, if you know me...i don't need to make an attempt. ha! (and que eye roll)

i am merely a person who, humbly began as a pencil/pin&ink drawer and found that it is just much quicker to compose a fine sketch if all the elements are in front of you and pushing a little button makes the magic appear. some would even say that i fell back on being lazy...ha! i wouldn't fault them either, but with one caveat my destiny is to create by using any medium readily available to me.

why am i even saying this? because i strongly believe that ones ability should not be squelched but even more so embraced when a family is formed. due to the fact that i now have a son who will one day look to me for guidance and when i look him in the face and tell him that he can do anything in this world so long as he applies himself, i will have to believe it. i will not be just giving lip service to a saying that has been told to many by many who didn't believe the words being spoken.

he will believe me because he will be able to look at me as the example and not a celebrity on television. who knows...the celebrity he may see on television might just very well be his father.

Stay Encouraged.

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