Sunday, December 2, 2012

one saturday morning in december...

...i took pictures of a beautiful Alabama couple.

Chris and Joi were nothing short of a ball of laughs and the experience was well worth braving the cold. she was very brave, considering her classy short skirt. i did my best to keep them out of the shade and in the sun. i think they appreciated it. ;D

anyway, details, details, details...i will be capturing their blissful day in March 2013 in Alabama. road trips are the best. it is such a blessing to have such an impact with my work that it takes me across state lines. i know that their wedding is going to be off the chain based on Chris' antics and Joi's openness to his jovial ways.

stay tuned...

Stay Encouraged!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of a very cute couple. Many blessings of happiness to ya Chris & Joi.

    -April (Smith) Taylor