Thursday, December 20, 2012


some things just have it, weight...

i am constantly reflecting on society and how people interact with each other. to be honest i absolutely think that there are people who are insane living amongst us, camouflaged as ordinary people, who we interact with on a day to day basis. shakes head. i will be collaborating on a film that addresses this theme in 2013 so be on the lookout.

other than that i was captivated by a recent picture i took of a client/friend Mrs. Banks. i knew that i wanted to make it black and white the moment the shutter clicked. it had a certain weight to it. the neck charm is what did it. a certain drama.

i like capturing the weighty images. that is one of the reasons that i am so drawn to weddings and depicting them as they happen rather than forcing a moment by trying to position the bride and groom. it is my way of studying a moment in time that people share that is sacred. it is this par-taking that also gives me some semblance of hope for our society. there is a certain heaviness to pictures that capture love.

the fact that i have been to war and seen and done some things that the very least surreal, it is a wonder that i haven't completely become withdrawn from society. the recent, and seemingly continual, carnage seen around the globe and here in the U.S doesn't do anything to dissuade my belief that unless we wake up as a society our children are absolutely screwed.

i find and seek refuge in my family but also in my, thank you Jesus, ability to create images, play music, and occasionally doodle. i see this as the weight that keeps me anchored in the reality that  there is hope.  i wake up everyday with the intention to make myself better even if only by some small amount because i know that my character will continue to strengthen and my resolve to overcome life's bitter lessons will grow deeper roots into my core belief that we are, i am, here for a reason.

Stay Encouraged!

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