Wednesday, December 5, 2012

whoa dere...


the new year is upon us. many of us didn't get what we wanted to get accomplished this year. i know that i got more accomplished this year than i thought i would. it was mainly because i had a strong support system and moreso because i DID what i set out to.

as the year draws to a close reflect on what you have accomplished this year. i know that i set out to make this blog a priority of getting out the ideas i had as it relates to encouragement and displaying my art. i will say...i have kept it pretty tame as far as my thoughts are concerned and what i have shared with you.

just know that in the coming won't be as such. meaning, the muzzle that has been firmly placed will be loosened. you have been warned...(i say this because some nights i have had the brandy snifter a  quarter full with spirits as i have typed these blogs-i like nite caps from time to time ;0) )

i started keeping a daily journal, written in a single Word document, for the past several months. it has helped me keep track of my progress toward business concepts, shoot ideas, and other accomplishments and milestones that were worthy of documenting. i urge you to do the same if you really want to keep a track of what you have done throughout the year.

i plan to read everything that i have done, since the start of my daily journaling, to stay the course as it relates to my personal journey.

to all who are determined to live their destiny in life and live up to the gifts given to them by God....STAY ENCOURAGED and NEVER GIVE UP!

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