Friday, November 15, 2013

New beginnings....

sometimes we make connections with people who on the surface appear to have nothing in common with us. such is the case with Sharonda, a "new to me" model. who'da thunk it? HA!

below are the pictures from out first test run...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

a high profile driver with his fleet

i recently had the opportunity to do another Dub Magazine cover shoot with local hometown hero Two Chainz and also meet some really cool people in and apart of his camp.

one such person was Ace. originally from Tennessee he provides luxury driving services for local celebs and other high profile individuals. his luxury driving business, before moving to Atlanta, was named #1 in Nashville.

as always, i salute and applaud people who take their passions and turn them into their livelihood. so many of us don't but when you see others succeed after taking chances, doing something they love, it should be a reminder of what can be done if you keep the right spiritual mindset and stay focused on the "target".

Stay Encouraged!

p.s-he won't be available for while because he has to provide luxury driving services for the "Umbrella" queen.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

once in a while...

not often but once in a while i will step in front of the camera.

my big bro J.O was at the ready and is always my right hand when it comes to weddings or any other photography project. he just celebrated a birthday too!

behind the scenes test shot of my big bro.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

..."say they want that looooud well i'ma bring that noise".

...all i can say is...i'm blessed.

Dub Magazine has my number on speed dial is what it is.

special shout out to the homie/bigBro J.O. we had an EPIC once in a life time shoot. Chainz...smh one of THE HOTTEST out there right now.  one of my favorites from the new

Dub Magazine will feature one of the shots i took for the cover as well as the spread on the inside in a few months.

Monday, September 23, 2013

i stay down from day one......Alabama Weddings

some time it has been...

wow, my son is about to turn ONE and it has been one significant, important, milestone setting, ride! raising a child is certainly NO easy task and it has been very rewarding and time consuming.

i have been shooting even though i haven't been posting (blogging takes WORK). cheers to everyone who has checked on this page over the past two months. i will be more diligent in my posting activities, especially since i am blessed to stay with projects on the horizon. #money4Phoenix

this was certainly a fun wedding to capture and despite the LOOOONG short drive to Alabama (with the same type of drive coming back home to the "A" immediately after shooting) it was certainly a blessing to be a part of another couple's/family's history.

never any particular kind of order....sometimes it can be a treat to look at them out of order. eh.