Monday, January 28, 2013

luxury to me...

luxury...disclaimer-this is a rant post...

it's one of those things that we fantasize about. i know i do. we each have an idea of what it means to be in the "lap of luxury".

recently, while in tennessee, i had the pleasure of staying in  a swank hotel. for me living quarters signify luxury. i don't need crystal and gold but i do like minimalist ideas and concepts. my own home is very simple yet modern. i don't like a lot of "stuff" all over the place. i like things to have a purpose but also serve as elegant art pieces. simple.

i have even pared down my wardrobe. i have about ten t-shirts (all of which have a meaning) and two pairs of jeans. i have five identical work shirts and pants. think of the cartoon "Doug"...that is my closet. i am actually going to be getting rid of even more t-shirts here shortly. i like simple. 

keeping out clutter frees space for both the creative side and the non-material side. kind of odd when you think of the fact that i like shooting fashion photography. eh, well i like my own wardrobe simple. 

i do like NICE things, however...just not a lot of them. like a nice pair of shoes, one pair. a nice pair of jeans, i need to get rid of the jeans that i have a buy two new pair...i've had my current jeans for at least 7 years. AND i like a nice watch...and don't forget a good "bat-mobile".

i am also a FOOD LOVER!!!!! i L.O.V.E good quality food! steak, lobster tails, king crab legs, fish...anyway. (side note-food is the ultimate luxury experience for me, being able to eat what i want...shakes head-luxurious)

here are a few pics from a recent hotel i had the pleasure of enjoying.


Thursday, January 17, 2013



i was just listening to a favorite show of mine, The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 in NYC, and on the topic of Lance Armstrong, Charlamagne asked Swizz Beatz what he thought about the situation.

Swizz was asked in the context of philanthropy because both have done a lot for the community. Swizz responded by saying, "It doesn't matter because of the [way] of the world right now, your negatives will outdo your positives because there are so many people hurting out there and they will heal themselves off of your downfall".

i had to pause at that point, basically as soon as he said those words a chord was struck in me and i instantly switched to writing this blog.

how many times have YOU had to overcome something negative or even a personal demon when in the back of your mind there is so much good that you have done? i mean you would think that your good would outweigh your bad. i know that i have personally done a lot of SHIT to people and i have been a total jerk to people in the past, present, and i know i will in the future, HOWEVER there is a lot that i want to do for people. there is a lot that everyone can do for each other despite the negative.

we ALL have dumped on someone at some time or another and more than likely we will continue, unless we make an effort not too. it can be difficult though because we get caught up in our own problems sometimes and forget that, "Hey, i live in a world with other people than myself...maybe i should act like i know this".

i hope that you reflect on how you treat people as well as on the good that you put out. ultimately it is between you and your God how the end will result. i know that for is a battle to overcome personal ills but i keep pushing forward. we are not perfect, I am not perfect-i don't even pretend to be.

we are works in progress. i know that by the power given to me i am a creator and with this power cones responsibility to not only the craft of photography and other art forms but also in developing an atmosphere of positivity.

it is not easy turning the other way after you have been crossed or felt crossed. i know from personal experience. however, it is good to move forward in a way that will be beneficial and healing not only for you but for the people that you care about. negative energy festers and can spread to people who were not even intended to be a part of the target for such energy.

lastly, stay encouraged because the world...we are in a bad space right now with everything happening in the world, so it is important to have people around you encouraging you and for YOU to be encouraged in spite and despite everything going on.

no spell check or review....just put it out as it came straight from the heart.


check out Mrs. Banks

Monday, January 14, 2013

couldn't wait or help it...


the greats say it the best and they say it over and over and over and over again. "i work hard, you have to put on, you have to be all the way turnt up, stay on your grind, keep it pushing, never quit, leave it on the field".

these are all great things to think about for the person who is really determined to make a mark on humanity. i think about the people who i left behind in Iraq, 2005, as part of my inspiration. i just think about the fact that i made it home while some didn't and i be damned if i am not going to give it everything that i have.

i think about what i will say to my son when talking about dreams, goals, aspirations. will he look to me and believe? balance is key.


some walk and some STOMP on fashion...

had to post these pictures.

two of my favorites from an on going fashion collab with Mrs. Banks. style and substance from the NO.

other than that i am finally piecing together a new film. man, i tell you, working writing, thinking, all takes time. no joke. however, there is no excuse worthy of stopping.

Stay Encouraged!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

fashion/style collaboration 2013...


i wouldn't say that i am a "fashion person" BUT i appreciate it as a form of art. the colors, the ascents/accessories used to accentuate clothes, the shoes, the fact that many little girls grew up playing "dress-up"...i appreciate it all.

i am pretty cut in dry in my choice of attire, however. i like a nice pair of fitting jeans (not skinny but fitted), some cool shoes, nice fitting short sleeve shirt, for cold days a scarf, and a fitted jacket. in the summer...shorts, t-shirt, and cool shoes. nothing spectacular.

but i am a connoisseur of my own style not making any attempts to trend set. however, i do appreciate those who push the envelope in dressing themselves. or just those who exude confidence in their individual looks (these people are the trendsetters).

which is why i look forward to my ongoing assignment with Mrs. Banks. she has style and a heart for encouraging others. check her out on the Parkway.

Stay encouraged!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 week one...down

you know what song i'm REALLY feeling right now?

Skyfall by Adele. she can surely blow. wow. she dipped her voice in Motown for the sound she gave for this song. i mean the first time i heard the song was in the movie theater when the new Bond came out. i don't have cable so i hadn't seen the commercials for it or anything so when i heard it in the opening credits...i was blown away. her voice...and the punch that the song has. goose bumps, because i feel/felt the words. few artists have the ability to give me that feeling. the song paints a picture of what the movie is about which makes it that much more powerful. i'm a Daniel Craig Bond fan. the image that Bond has on just one of a badass dude with a cool sensibility and an ego unfettered by self doubt. #Bond

so why even mention all of this? well because i don't shoot men that often unless it is for a wedding they're in. i have shot men before and it's not that i don't like shooting them it's just that for a man to take a picture and really get into the moment of the shoot...well it takes a lot. the man must have a confidence that allows him to OWN the studio space and not be inhibited. Bond like.

i had the opportunity of shooting a confident dude over the weekend and he didn't flinch even though he had his friends with him, one of which was nice looking woman. he could have easily been thrown by the presence of this mix of people however, he felt comfortable in front of the camera. it made my job that much easier and it allowed me to connect with him to produce the images that he wanted. he owned the moment. 

i do know that this year i will be shooting more men but they won't be shot by themselves. i like intimacy and i want to pull a feeling out of the viewer. so the artful images (not engagement shoots), with men in them, to come will be provocative, well thought out and intriguing, i hope, to you.

stay tuned.

Stay Encouraged!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013



2013 is unleashed. this year is full throttle. i tried to have a resolution to give up the adult beverages (always start resolutions a few days prior to get into the groove)...that lasted for two days. but i will be giving it to you hard and heavy for the new year, that was the other resolution.

art projects are in effect. i am still shooting weddings, however, i will be getting back to my roots. masterworks is what i will be striving for this year. (think David LaChapelle) i will also be looking to sell certain pieces. but those pieces will not be for your child's play room. fyi.

so let's give a toast to all the douchebags and keep 2013 moving in the direction of creativity!

Stay encouraged!