Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 week one...down

you know what song i'm REALLY feeling right now?

Skyfall by Adele. she can surely blow. wow. she dipped her voice in Motown for the sound she gave for this song. i mean the first time i heard the song was in the movie theater when the new Bond came out. i don't have cable so i hadn't seen the commercials for it or anything so when i heard it in the opening credits...i was blown away. her voice...and the punch that the song has. goose bumps, because i feel/felt the words. few artists have the ability to give me that feeling. the song paints a picture of what the movie is about which makes it that much more powerful. i'm a Daniel Craig Bond fan. the image that Bond has on just one of a badass dude with a cool sensibility and an ego unfettered by self doubt. #Bond

so why even mention all of this? well because i don't shoot men that often unless it is for a wedding they're in. i have shot men before and it's not that i don't like shooting them it's just that for a man to take a picture and really get into the moment of the shoot...well it takes a lot. the man must have a confidence that allows him to OWN the studio space and not be inhibited. Bond like.

i had the opportunity of shooting a confident dude over the weekend and he didn't flinch even though he had his friends with him, one of which was nice looking woman. he could have easily been thrown by the presence of this mix of people however, he felt comfortable in front of the camera. it made my job that much easier and it allowed me to connect with him to produce the images that he wanted. he owned the moment. 

i do know that this year i will be shooting more men but they won't be shot by themselves. i like intimacy and i want to pull a feeling out of the viewer. so the artful images (not engagement shoots), with men in them, to come will be provocative, well thought out and intriguing, i hope, to you.

stay tuned.

Stay Encouraged!

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