Tuesday, January 8, 2013

fashion/style collaboration 2013...


i wouldn't say that i am a "fashion person" BUT i appreciate it as a form of art. the colors, the ascents/accessories used to accentuate clothes, the shoes, the fact that many little girls grew up playing "dress-up"...i appreciate it all.

i am pretty cut in dry in my choice of attire, however. i like a nice pair of fitting jeans (not skinny but fitted), some cool shoes, nice fitting short sleeve shirt, for cold days a scarf, and a fitted jacket. in the summer...shorts, t-shirt, and cool shoes. nothing spectacular.

but i am a connoisseur of my own style not making any attempts to trend set. however, i do appreciate those who push the envelope in dressing themselves. or just those who exude confidence in their individual looks (these people are the trendsetters).

which is why i look forward to my ongoing assignment with Mrs. Banks. she has style and a heart for encouraging others. check her out on the Parkway.

Stay encouraged!

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