Monday, January 28, 2013

luxury to me...

luxury...disclaimer-this is a rant post...

it's one of those things that we fantasize about. i know i do. we each have an idea of what it means to be in the "lap of luxury".

recently, while in tennessee, i had the pleasure of staying in  a swank hotel. for me living quarters signify luxury. i don't need crystal and gold but i do like minimalist ideas and concepts. my own home is very simple yet modern. i don't like a lot of "stuff" all over the place. i like things to have a purpose but also serve as elegant art pieces. simple.

i have even pared down my wardrobe. i have about ten t-shirts (all of which have a meaning) and two pairs of jeans. i have five identical work shirts and pants. think of the cartoon "Doug"...that is my closet. i am actually going to be getting rid of even more t-shirts here shortly. i like simple. 

keeping out clutter frees space for both the creative side and the non-material side. kind of odd when you think of the fact that i like shooting fashion photography. eh, well i like my own wardrobe simple. 

i do like NICE things, however...just not a lot of them. like a nice pair of shoes, one pair. a nice pair of jeans, i need to get rid of the jeans that i have a buy two new pair...i've had my current jeans for at least 7 years. AND i like a nice watch...and don't forget a good "bat-mobile".

i am also a FOOD LOVER!!!!! i L.O.V.E good quality food! steak, lobster tails, king crab legs, fish...anyway. (side note-food is the ultimate luxury experience for me, being able to eat what i want...shakes head-luxurious)

here are a few pics from a recent hotel i had the pleasure of enjoying.


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